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In the mid 1990’s, I was inspired by the panoramic photography of Colin Prior to return to the hobby of landscape photography which, because of work commitments, I had abandoned some 20 years before.

Again, inspired by the scenes which Colin portrayed, I decided to combine this with a new hobby of hill walking to see the glens from the mountain tops rather than the other way around.

Since then, I have taken every opportunity, come rain or shine, to walk the hills of Scotland and Cumbria (and further afield) in search of the elusive perfect photograph. I still haven’t taken it but photography is, in some ways, akin to gambling – the next one is always THE one.

The other galleries on my site are the result of holiday visits to favourite, mainly, European destinations and reflect my love of the countries and regions represented.

The older photographs in the galleries were taken on a mixture of high quality medium format and 35mm format cameras from Contax, Fuji, Hassleblad and Canon. All images were taken on transparency film which came almost exclusively from the Fuji stable, the particular favourites being Velvia 50 for landscapes and Astia 100F for architecture. All images are digitised using professional scanning equipment.

In early 2004, I purchased my first digital camera and, despite my pre conversion misgivings, the medium has been such a revelation that I have not used film since. Now, all images are taken on high end Canon full frame digital SLR and Leica M8 rangefinder cameras. In early 2009, I plan to move to medium format digital equipment and the majority of images will then be taken on a Hasselblad HD3-II 50 megapixel DSLR camera.

Of necessity, the images on my site are, for web browsing reasons, displayed at a low resolution and image quality is not, therefore, representative of the quality obtainable from a full resolution print.

Should you wish, you may order any of the images displayed as high quality inkjet prints.

If you are so interested, you may visit my new website at where prints are available for purchase.

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